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From where it began

My entire childhood revolved around one goal:

Zehak, in Urdu, means "smile", and we believe that if there's one thing that the world needs right now, it is to smile more. We need mental health awareness to echo in every corner of society, wherein we see individuals who yearn to feel better, but find it difficult to do so. We get how life can be heavy sometimes, or most of the time — there's no denying it. We acknowledge this uneasy, lingering feeling, and hence have come up with The Zehak Project.

Consequently, we offer mental services from as low as ₹550. We aim to work on a pragmatic level and destigmatize mental health care so that those in need won't have to think twice before enabling and prioritizing their mental health, and can be a better version of themselves.

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Qualified professionals from all over the globe

Turned into profession

From a writer to an award winning Psychologist.

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Journey of my life

A Psychologist, a Wife and a Proud Mother.

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Susan is a life changer, having magical skills for helping people with psychotherapy.

~ Business Insider, August 2020


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